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About the quarter

"The Best Quarter" is a unique modern project of a new generation. The unified architectural style of the houses and the landscape design of the quarter create an unforgettable atmosphere of coziness and comfort. The facade solution is executed in the European style, combines a bright color scheme, which positively influences the overall architectural design and psychological perception.

The residential quarter is located in a quiet, cozy, forest part of the suburbs and at the same time, in close proximity to all major infrastructure facilities.

Before the station. m. Akademgorodok the road takes only 20 minutes by shuttle bus, or5 minutes from Kiev's city limits by car. Buying an apartment in a residential quarter, you will feel the comfort and tranquility of life in the suburbs, without losing the opportunity to quickly communicate with the capital.

"The Best Quarter" includes 29 low-rise buildings (3-4 floors). It is a house surrounded by forest, river and private sector next door.

The approximate duration of the project is 1.5 years.
Our residential area pleases future residents:
- a variety of layouts;
- a small number of apartments;
- panoramic windows;
- penthouses with observation terraces.

Flowerbeds, pedestrian paths, comfortable shops for recreation, playgrounds, territory for active games and sports - we thought out the design of the local area to the smallest detail.

"The Best Quarter" is ideal for families with children and for everyone who chooses surrounded by security housing of increased comfort.

  • 29
    houses in a residential quarter
  • 1
    driveway in the house
  • 3
    floors in the house
"The Best Quarter" is a unique modern project of a new generation.

Unique apartment formats



This apartment with a ceiling height of 3 meters. High ceilings not only visually expand the space, but also significantly increase the living space. Apartments with high ceilings filled with air, a feeling of lightness and freedo

From 507 500 uah

Penthouse with terrace

This trendy format of an apartment on the last floors in a duet with panoramic windows facing the forest. Due to the large size of the terrace, the owners are offered a variety of possibilities for its use.

From 1 155 000 uah

Window in the bathroom

The presence of a window in the bathroom: visually expands the space, helps to implement a variety of design ideas, saves electricity during daylight hours, and also allows you to enjoy the beautiful view from the window.

From 690 000 uah


Fresh air
5 minutes from Kiev's city limits
Place for rest
Protection of the territory
Modern layout of apartments
Panoramic windows
Individual heating system

Apartment layouts

Apartment purchase

After making an advance payment, you can guarantee to book the apartment you selected for a period of 5 to 7 days, as well as individually specify the possibility of receiving discounts with sales staff.

One of the options for registering a transaction is 100% payment. After making an advance payment, you can guarantee to reserve the apartment you selected for a period of 5 to 7 days, as well as individually specify the possibility of obtaining discounts with sales staff. This option of buying an apartment can be divided into several stages:

  • the choice of an apartment and its layout;
  • making an advance payment for booking an apartment;
  • registration of purchase, signing of the contract of purchase and sale of property rights with the developer;
  • making the remaining part of the payment in accordance with the signed contract.

Our company offers the purchase of housing in installments. Installment is provided by the developer on favorable terms. The minimum down payment is 20% of the cost of the selected apartment. To clarify the conditions, please contact the sales department.


Comfort Life is a comfortable life.

To lead a comfortable and peaceful life one needs to have his own house like a reliable fortress. Since 2010 we have been building houses that meet your expectations and correspond to your vision of comfort and safety. Comfort Life is a comfortable life.

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Installment from the DEVELOPER up to 36 months

Discount at 100% prepayment up to -5%.
Hurry up to buy an apartment in installments from the DEVELOPER up to 36 months on favorable terms.


"Easy Start"

Buy an apartment for the most favorable conditions! Minimum initial payment of 20% and you become the owner of the apartment!


Heating system as a gift

When buying an apartment you can get a Double-circuit gas boiler and radiators in the Gift.